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Fossil Works, Incorporated will strive to manufacture quality products for repair, maintenance and improvement projects. Our products will provide practical solutions for homeowners and contractors and will be easy to use and durable. Packaging for our products will meet the functional requirements of our customers and will be distributed in the most efficient and timely manner in order to achieve the best industry value for our customers.

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Who Is Fossil Works, Incorporated ?

Fossil Works, Incorporated is owned and operated by . . .

was born and raised in a small town outside of Bangor, Maine. Her family has been in the timber business there for over 150 years. Nancy attended the University of Maine in Orono and graduated with a BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in management. She went on to complete her MBA in finance and accounting at the University of Maine and was commissioned an officer in the US Army. Nancy completed the officer basic course and the officer advanced course in engineering; she is a member of the US Army Corps of Engineers. While serving in the military, she developed a specialty in facilities engineering (civil engineering) and construction management. Her military education and experience include road and airfield design, construction and maintenance; all aspects of asphalt pavements and bridges; soils and drainage; concrete surfaces, foundations and structures. Nancy also has experience as a logistics officer in a petroleum battalion and training brigade. Nancy has completed courses with FEMA in Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and the Red Cross in disaster planning, hazardous materials handling and damage assessment of buildings and roads. Nancy is now in the retired from the US Army Reserve with 40 years honorable service.

LINDA A. ROBERTSHAW was born and raised in the Reno area. Her mother was a Registered Nurse and a veteran of WWII. Her father operated heavy equipment and later sold Caterpillar equipment in Nevada, California, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Linda attended Idaho State University and earned her BS in Nursing. During her army career, she attended the University of Texas Heath Science Center in San Antonio and received her Masters in Nursing. After completing college, Linda became a military officer in the Army Nurse Corps as her mother had. Linda has supervisory experience as an emergency room head nurse, head nurse of a clinic, and hospital nursing supervisor. She has experience as a nurse practitioner as well. She has worked part time at Sierra College as a registered nurse in the student health center. Currently Linda teaches the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) course at Southern Nevada College in the Las Vegas area.  Linda is retired from the US Army with over 22 years honorable service. Linda's analytical and critical thinking acquired through her experiences in the medical field along with her interest in art has significantly contributed to product development and design. In early 2001, Linda started her own business, Robertshaw Select Works, Incorporated in the trucking industry.  After moving to Nevada Linda has refocused her business in another interest.

HOW Fossil Works, Incorporated got its start: For several years Nancy wanted to start her own business. She hesitated, thinking she needed to “invent” something new and often wished for something to just fall into her lap. In mid-1997, it did. A good friend and business associate, who owned a trucking business, suggested developing a pothole repair mix. He cited location after location where the road was full of potholes. He was very upset that state highway funds were diverted away from needed repairs and resurfacing for other purposes. It was costing him extra money to replace tires and rims and perform frequent alignments because of the poor condition of the roads he traveled. After some research on the condition of the vast roadway system, the ongoing weather phenomenon and personal experience, Nancy and Linda concluded that a reliable pothole repair mix was desperately needed. The majority of our nation’s roads are falling apart from lack of adequate maintenance. In selecting a corporate name, Nancy and Linda decided that crude oil, a “fossil” fuel, is the basis for DARM—an asphalt and petroleum-blended liquid. Adding the term “works” shows the diversity of fossil fuels in their products. Crude oil was formed by decomposing plants. Therefore, the corporate logo is a fossilized fern pressed onto a piece of shale. Nancy and Linda contributed equal amounts of capital and formed Fossil Works, Incorporated as a Nevada corporation.

DARMtiny.gifThey named their first proprietary product, Durable Asphalt Repair Mix®. DARM® is a quick, long lasting filler for ruts, potholes, utility cuts and road edges. It can be used on asphalt and concrete surfaces. DARM® was designed and tested under rigorous conditions to meet these design specifications: (1) usable in most weather conditions from 25°F to 120°F (2) long lasting (3) easy to use, no mixing and no messy cleanup, (4) remains in place and does not blow out of the hole and (5) the liquid petroleum mixture should coat the aggregates well and remain coated even after stockpiled and exposed to various weather conditions. Fossil Works, Incorporated tests each production run for workability, cohesion, compatibility, coating, stripping and drainage.

Fossil Works, Incorporated no longer manufactures DARM® after its move to southern Nevada.

OShLogoTiny.gifAs homeowners, Nancy and Linda are aware of many products available that make home repair projects more effective. But something for protecting sprinkler heads along the sidewalk and driveway was woefully lacking? They found nothing in any local hardware stores, nurseries or landscape suppliers. They tried putting pieces of flat rocks around the heads to protect them, but the rock did not work since it had to be placed below the head to allow them to pop up and spray effectively. So it was that a "concrete donut" was born. They made sample rings, "donuts," from concrete and with testing and surveys, a practical design emerged. Diameter sizing was based on the many and varied sprinkler head products available from retailers. This new product manufactured by Fossil Works, Incorporated is called O’SHIELD. It is a reinforced concrete ring that protects lawn sprinklers and drain pipes from lawn equipment, vehicular and foot traffic. Once installed, this simple, inexpensive device will save the homeowner, property manager or landscaper time and money in replacing damaged sprinkler heads.

Unfortunately, not all sprinklers, pipes and drains are placed where a 360 degree ring fits perfectly. O’SHIELD rings are pre-sized from 1 to 6 inches to fit the outer sprinkler head diameter. Then O’SHIELD rings are can be cut with a tile saw to fit around landscape obstructions.

A logical add-on product now manufactured by Fossil Works, Incorporated is Spray Shield®, an aluminum deflector for lawn sprinklers. Now you can direct sprinkler spray where you want it to go.

Fossil Works, Incorporated believes in manufacturing its products from quality materials. These products are sized and packaged for convenience, reasonably priced and easily available. Fossil Works, Incorporated takes pride in the fact that all its products are

Made in the USA.



Addendum:  In 2010 Fossil Works, Incorporated launched another business enterprise under the DBA of Java Works.   This subsidiary offers on site, 24/7, gourmet hot beverage services.  Go to www.javaworks.info for a detailed description of these services.

Fossil Works, Incorporated has recently partnered to broker  telecommunications, security and energy worldwide.  Go to www.nan.acnrep.com to view the range of products and services available for individuals and businesses.